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A New Way to Support a Child of a Prisoner – help break the generational pattern of imprisonment


Following a Hawke's Bay initiative, 2013 sees us introducing the Inclusive Envelopes.  Who are the envelopes for?

  • Those who wish to be involved in Angel Tree but can’t purchase a $25 gift can put whatever amount they wish in the envelope.

  • Churches that wish to be a part of Angel Tree in an area that is saturated in terms of having enough people to buy the gifts, and their people can contribute at a rate comfortable to them.

  • Anyone not connected to an Angel Tree group can request envelopes for their group and be involved



To find out more about Angel Tree click here  To request Envelopes call 0800 777 887

or email us at





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Community Change Agency - It's what we are becoming as PFNZ

Community building is a subject that Prison Fellowship NZ are increasingly being directed to explore


"New research on importance of prison visitation to reducing recidivism"


PFNZ 2013 Annual Report now available for download.

Report and Financials (895Kb)

Activity Centres 2012 - 2014 (1.3Mb)















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